Saturday, January 12, 2008

Austrian Radio Explores Ex-Gay Movement

Earlier this week I heard from Riem Higazi about her English language radio program for FM 4 in Austria. She wanted to explore the ex-gay myth and felt it vital to include the voice of an ex-gay survivor. After a spirited conversation (she made me laugh out loud three times), we did the interview where I shared some of my story and talked about the ex-gay movement and the ex-gay survivor movement. She will air the piece today which can be heard streaming on-line.

Also featured in the piece will be Jean-Marie Navetta, director of communications for the national office of Parents and Friends of Gays and Lesbians (PFLAG). Jean-Marie recently attended Focus on the Family's Love Won Out event, and she will share about that harrowing experience.

Seems that Riem had trouble finding ex-gay providers who would be willing to speak to the press. But she finally found someone willing to speak out. Wendy Gritter, of New Directions, an ex-gay program in Toronto, Canada will be featured. Wendy comes across much more moderate than some ex-gay leaders even advocating referring some clients to gay-affirming resources.

The program airs today at noon Austrian time (6 hours earlier than NY time) and will also be available via podcast at some point. I''ll keep you posted.

To learn more about the radio program, click here. If you are disappointed by an Austrian radio program in English, you read all about me in German here.

UPDATE: The podcast is now available. Go the FM4's podcast site then scroll down to the Reality Check program. I was able to download it through iTunes, and it contains some great music. You must listen if for nothing else than to hear the Delta Dawn remix.

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At 8:55 AM , Blogger Willie Hewes said...

Nice work, it was a pretty good overview. It's amusing to see how she can find people who want to talk about this, but not from the big ex-gay organisations. Clearly they're not interested in preaching to anyone but the choir. :/


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